The Anxiety Inquiry

The Anxiety Inquiry

If you are like me – you know fear and anxiety. They have shown up in my own life in many ways: As a general feeling, running below surface, yet always present, that something bad is going to happen to me.  As an irrational anxiety about not having enough money. Or as a feeling of imminent danger or threat, that I must either run from, fight, or freeze and go numb.

In the Anxiety Inquiry, we go looking for the perceived threat in the same way we look for the command to use or do something in the Compulsion Inquiry, or for the “deficient self” in the Unfindable Inquiry.

It is again the undoing of the “Velcro effect” that does the trick. Anxiety and fear lose their solidity: the snake is just a rope and you can’t ever believe it’s a snake again.

All we ever find are words, images and body energies.  When we look at and feel these directly, we find no threat.  This opens us to replace fear and anxiety with relaxation and the freedom to live more fully.


“When we lose the fear of death, we also lose the fear of life.”  ~ Scott Kiloby


It was the last day of my 7th “School of The Work” with Byron Katie in 2012. As I sat beside a beautiful stream of water flowing through a peaceful garden, it dawned on me: I know what I want. I want to live the rest of my life fearlessly.

Easier said then done. Yet the realization was a breakthrough for me. Growing up as a “second generation holocaust survivor” whose father had lived through the first death march of World War II, fear was an everlasting companion in our family. One could never trust anyone, not really. This was never openly discussed or acknowledged, yet it was present every minute as an underlying feeling of anxiety.

Looking for the actual threat with the AI allowed me to get free of that.

The AI works with all levels of anxiety and fear: From simple irritation or discomfort, without knowing why, on one end of the scale, to immense, often irrational fears or anxieties that have been there for years, on the other end. And ultimately, the one that haunts so many of us as we age, the fear of death.  AI will take care of all of these effectively.

The AI process is not something to understand, but to experience. Once you fully experience this inquiry there is no way you can believe again that “the rope is a snake”. Anxieties (thoughts) may come to visit now and then, but there is no attachment to them anymore. No fear.

You can only know that if you experience it firsthand. You are welcome to try.


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