Is it a feeling? Just Energy? Who can tell…

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I am half through a book on Physics and the way they understand the world of material today.

If we take the Electron for example – is it a wave? a particle that can be located as such?

It’s neither and both. Depending on the tools you measure it by you get your answer.

So, the question itself is irrelevant is the Electron a wave or a particle.

Feelings – for me is the same.

I call the pure energy – when all labels and images have been noticed and “removed” – energy, and when the story is attached – it’s a feeling.

Because even saying “I am sad” instead of “he hurt me” – will still be a concept.

Now the question – is this pure energy or a feeling is irrelevant to me.

It’s what it is.

Not personal yet obviously there.

Not to be ignored as “feelings only” as if we are above it yet not to be drawn into the story too.

LI is the most exact tool i found so far to enable me to go there and as deep as one wants to. God B less.