Donna: I worked with Dani for the first time today after having a preliminary conversation a few nights ago. In that conversation, he intuited a few things about the ‘way’ I was approaching some issues that allowed me to shed light upon some significant blind spots. After sitting with what he had suggested, I had some insights that will markedly shift my approach to any further inquiry and allow me to rest more fully into nature of being. In my session, Dani was competent, compassionate and clear, using a sharp, but gentle sword to cut through anything extraneous. I have a very active mind, so his direct approach was extremely helpful in staying on task and getting to heart of the unfindable matter. Throughout the session, I felt like I was in capable and caring hands which allowed me to recognize the inherent freedom that is always, already there.


Alex: I did “The Work” with Dani. Actually it was a challenge for me, but it was exactly the kind of challenge I expected from a facilitator. Dani encouraged me to take it slow, immerse myself in the stressful situation in my mind’s eye and feel it again. He didn’t let me just answer the questions intellectually and superficially, but gently guided me deeper. He helped me stop my thinking mind, and listen to what was arising inside, so that I could discover my own truths. Dani helped me feel the difference between authentic answers which came from my being, and explanations, justifications, rationalizations, etc. which my mind was ready to offer, but which weren’t of much use. I definitely wouldn’t have gone that deep if I had done “The Work” on that concept on my own. Dani doesn’t just ask questions formally, but accompanies you all the way—it feels like he’s doing “The Work” on the concept in his mind together with you. I wasn’t alone with my stressful thoughts; I felt we were doing “The Work” in tandem. Dani is an open person; he shared his ideas and stories from his experience, and that was also helpful. “The Work” with Dani includes the same four questions and turnarounds, but … actually it’s more than that. “The Work” with Dani is a kind of guided meditation.