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Peace in the midst of chaos

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Interesting find this morning: we are under rocket attacks day and night for 5 days now. I was more concerned with my daughter and grandchildren not having a decent shelter to hid when hit. the last attack was this morning at 4.00 am. I can see the village they live in not far from our home. i went out to see they are okay. worried. Later this morning: Sitting at my desk and opening the ventilator i suddenly realized that without being too dramatic, just being in reality, the air feels good, it’s really quite right now. nothing threatening or dangerous is happening right now, right...

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Natural rest is about simply looking?

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Looking – produces our experiences, Measuring them produces experiments. [Then we call is scientific and can believe it… until we don’t]. We  believe our experiences and experiments, Therefor we know we are a separate, long lasting, self. When all we need – is the looking itself, on itself, by itself, Kapish? Can there be a separate little prince with a separate rose together in separation?

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Is it a feeling? Just Energy? Who can tell…

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Share I am half through a book on Physics and the way they understand the world of material today. If we take the Electron for example – is it a wave? a particle that can be located as such? It’s neither and both. Depending on the tools you measure it by you get your answer. So, the question itself is irrelevant is the Electron a wave or a particle. Feelings – for me is the same. I call the pure energy – when all labels and images have been noticed and “removed” – energy, and when the story is attached – it’s a feeling. Because even...

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Trucks and Kids and a moment of rest.

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Permanence: Now you see it – Now you don’t. Jean Piaget’s idea that children of about eight or nine months of age develop awareness/the idea that objects continue to exist even when one cannot see them. Before this stage, as far as the infant is concerned, items that are not within eyesight range do not exist. Amazing and Fun – Watching my grandchildren as they develop “awareness”. That’s what makes me move when a truck is coming my way… Only, i pay dearly for that when i believe MY thoughts. Especially the stressful ones that come more often than...

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The end of seeking?

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“Morning old friend.” Silence. “I want to find the end of seeking.” “You can’t,” came the answer. “I still want to find the end of seeking.” “… and still – you can’t,” came the answer. “Why not?” “Because YOU can’t.” Think I heard him giggling this time. The end.

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