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Cypy knows it all

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Above: My secret facilitator outside my living room. Cypy and I, drinking my morning tea. The I (in great wonder): “Cypy, How come you have all the answers?” Cypy: “cause there are no more questions left.” The one who wants to be Me: “What about the four questions and turnarounds?” Cypy (peacefully): “Them too.” Go argue with a tree.

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Cypress wisdom tales [or UI in a nutshell]

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Looking in the mirror this morning it was clear: the image of “me” there and here was just what it was—an image of me. Just an image … A thought came visiting, just a thought, just a thought … So happy. I rushed to tell my friend I’d just witnessed my death. “Happy Death Day,” my Cypy friend said, welcoming me. “How did you know?” I asked, smiling, as if I didn’t know, as if I didn’t know … “From the look on your face,” he smiled back, “From the look on your face.” “How come you have all the...

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