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Letters from a Cypress tree or The Work in a nutshell

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My secret facilitator friend is this cypress tree outside my window. Some of you already know the guy. This morning he smiled and whispered, “Same intelligence, you call it presence or awareness, has made you and me. We are simply the same. Ain’t it funny that you people think you are separate and crave to be something, someone special and… so lonely? Come join me.” “Eventually, I will,” I replied, “Just let me suffer a bit more,”… We are One. To all of me, with Love, dani.  

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Letters to (my)self—the glass ceiling tale.

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Letters to (my)self—the glass ceiling that never ever was. I do the work [LI & The Work] and have glimpses of what is really there. Then the old familiar glass ceiling appears again. That feeling that you are not there yet. Lurking underneath, always below the surface, a voice telling you that you can’t, and will never ever really get it. Stop pretending. Better to simply stop. Depression waiting patiently around this corner… let it come, because … This morning she (my thoughts) told me, “the observer is just another thought.” I said. “Well, yes… and …” There was no “but”...

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