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Letters to (my)self – Bypassing.

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I was afraid these inquiries are actually just another escape i found. not being my body and mind… There, a very short rout to by-passing from there… Being “accused” so many years of not being capable of Love (and believing it) – you can imagine the fear of detachment. (Again). Yet, there is a big difference between the two (while both are fine, I can see now): with the inquiries I go through the fear/anxiety, etc. I seat with the energy just letting everything be as it is, burning and not moving an inch. while when by passing – I run for my life as far as...

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Free at last? Really?

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I WANT TO BE FREE. Really? LI is not about taking away my stress, pain, etc. Though it could happen to you, since it happened to me, too. LI is about taking me out of prison. Am I ready to be free? Are you ready? I’ve been processing death, and the fear of death, for a long time. Even more since mother “died” a few weeks back. My family is too. I figured I might not fear death when it came. Now “I know” I don’t fear death. I mean right now—no fear. Thank you, Mom, for showing me that. I am free right now. A smile. Sharing and going to the gym, anyhow, all...

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Letters to Mom

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Mom died a beautiful death, for herself and for us. We were blessed to sit by her bed when she left her body. She was fearless and calm when she asked us to invite our children—her grandchildren—for a last hug and goodbye. One by one they entered her small bedroom and with the little energy she had left, she managed to share her love with each and every one. It was beautiful and sad and such an example of how to die peacefully. I felt Mom gave me an even greater gift when she showed me how to die than when she did when she gave me birth. Since then I’ve found myself writing “Letters to...

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