The Living Inquiries

The Living Inquiries

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

Perhaps, like me, you’ve struggled with things that stop you from truly enjoying your life as it is.

Or you’ve been on an endless quest, wanting something else, but never quite finding it.

What if we could stop seeking right now? What if we could feel perfect, just as we are? What if we could be free, peaceful, and whole—any time, most of the time?

Well, I discovered I could—and I know I’m not special, so you can too—using these gentle, yet powerful tools.

Read on …


Many people worldwide are finding real freedom using The Living Inquiries, a set of tools developed by Scott Kiloby to let you target and free yourself of any compulsion, anxiety, or sense of self-deficiency that may be causing you to suffer.

With the “Compulsion Inquiry” you can free yourself of any compulsion or addiction—whether it’s to overeating, smoking, drinking, surfing the net, sex, or even an endless search for enlightenment.

With the “Anxiety Inquiry” you can overcome anything from a simple worry or fear to extreme anxiety and panic attacks, even if you’ve suffered from them for years.

With the “Un-findable Inquiry” you can try to find the “deficient self”—the sense, which so many of us have, that “something is wrong with me” or “I am not good enough” for this or that. Lurking there below the surface, these limiting beliefs about ourselves tend to show up when we are triggered by everyday life challenges, and suddenly find ourselves over-reacting, unable to control ourselves, even when we really want to.

We can’t stop, can we? Well, yes we can.

For ever and ever? Well, let’s start with for now.


Word of Warning: The Living Inquiries (LI) will not explain anything. They will not give you anything or take anything away from you.  What they will do is to meet you wherever you are, and let you see through, and simply be, with your own thoughts—the images, words, sounds, sensations and feelings that appear to you.

Using the LI process you can safely and comfortably explore areas where you are most vulnerable, allowing any limiting thoughts, beliefs, assumptions or stories that you may hold about yourself  to dissolve naturally through the process of looking.

It will bring you back to your own direct experience, and invite you to surrender to the flow of the present moment—which always reveals that liberation from suffering is already yours, right here, right now.

It’s all about you giving this opportunity to yourself. In my own experience, the freedom I got from LI went far beyond my dreams and more than met my expectations (although they were not necessarily the expectations I started out with).

Please, don’t take my word for any of this. Living inquiry is a process that cannot be grasped intellectually. It must be directly experienced. Try it out and see for yourself.


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