About Dani

Dani Omri
Dani Omri is an expert facilitator of both Living Inquiries (LI) and “The Work”. He was personally trained and certified by the creators of these tools—Scott Kiloby and Byron Katie, respectively.  He brings a wealth of transformational skills and experience to his facilitation work.

His background includes 17 years as a business consultant specializing in TOC (Theory of Constraints)—a management paradigm designed to help organizations identify their weakest links and use this knowledge to boost their performance—working with clients ranging from banks to high-tech firms, construction companies, defence organizations, and manufacturing enterprises in Israel, India, Turkey, the UK and other countries.

Beyond this he also has over 20 years of senior managerial experience as a marketing VP, chairman, CEO and GM for various organizations, mainly in the agriculture, plastic, recycling, and spice and food industries, and was responsible for launching several successful new businesses, including overseas joint ventures, and the development of viable new global distribution networks in these sectors.

In the business world, Dani has built a solid reputation as an excellent communicator, and a trustworthy, patient and tolerant mentor who always radiates optimism and positive energies to those he guides.

As a personal facilitator, Dani draws upon all of his organizational change experience to foster individual transformation. He uses the Living Inquiries and “The Work” as tools, not to analyze or guide you towards a particular outcome, but to provide a safe, loving space for you to find your own answers, your own truth.

Dani is based in Jerusalem, where he lives with his wife in close proximity to their two daughters, sons-in-law and six grandchildren. Dani is fluent and works professionally in both English and Hebrew.


Dani's story: The end of my suffering

As a businessman, I was most interested in the business bookshelves that day I walked into the book store in Jerusalem. On my way in, somehow, a book called “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie, founder of “The Work”, caught my attention. At the time it was the last sort of book I would buy – by an American-looking woman telling me how to live … Yet, for some mysterious reason I left the store with that book in my hand. My life has changed dramatically since then.

Before “The Work” I lived a “normal” life. By “normal” I mean a life, like the lives of many other people; I was outwardly successful, but inside, all sorts of beliefs, thoughts and emotions stopped me from ever feeling truly at home in the world, or from enjoying a sense of peace and freedom in my own experience.

As a “second generation” child of holocaust survivors in Israel, I was instilled early on with the belief that survival was our first mission in life. The mission to build our new country while protecting it, came second, and we as individuals came only third, if at all.

My father had a theory that for each of his children, at least one good beating would be necessary to prepare us for life. I got my share of beating at the age of six. More than the pain, it was the hopelessness that I felt, being left outside, in the dark with wet pants, eyes streaming with tears; the shame, and above all, the awful fear. Fear that I was alone, with no one to protect me, not even my mother, and obviously not my father … with nowhere to go from there – I felt the world had ended.

A playful child, who’d experienced the world until then as a great playground full of adventure, I now realized my mistake. I decided I could trust no one, that nobody really loved me. My heart shut.

After that, I lived a normal life—with heart shut. I grew up, married, and raised two wonderful daughters. I developed good management skills and built a successful career as a senior manager, entrepreneur and business development consultant.

The only problem was, I was incapable of love. I had to lie when I was asked, “do you love me?” So as never to be left alone again, I lied … but, besides that, and a few minor compulsions, anxieties, and relationship challenges – life was as good as it could be, or so I thought.

This all changed after my third day attending the “School of The Work” with Byron Katie in 2007. This little heart of mine cracked open, just enough for the light to get in.

Enough to realize that I had never been alone, that there had always been an abundance of love and support around me, which I was simply blind to all those years …

I have never been able to completely shut this heart of mine again since then. Which isn’t to say I didn’t try.

I was joking with Katie one day: “I am really angry with you,” I told her in front of everyone. “Why?” she asked. “Well,” I replied, “since ‘The Work’ I cannot blame anyone or anything anymore, no one in my work life, not my wife and family, not even myself. You took that away from me,” I complained, smiling. “Then you can blame me for it” was her fast reply.

Now, Katie also says she does not call it “The Work” for nothing. There is work to do.

I kept returning to learn more. After attending seven schools of “The Work”, first as participant and then on staff, and endless hours of doing it on my own, I discovered the work of Scott Kiloby, whose Living Inquiries (LI) took me even deeper.

I found that with LI, I could no longer avoid the dark places, difficult feelings I’d managed to avoid, despite all the work done… Mind is tricky and it will trick you—at least mine tricked me. With LI it wasn’t possible anymore.

Like me, many people face difficulties with Question 4 of “The Work”: “Who would you be without the thought?” We don’t really have a clue, so we answer from the mind, not from deep in our hearts.

LI will get you there. It lets you discover who you are, without your “story” of who you are. It’s also a great tool to get free of any compulsion, anxiety or sense of self-deficiency, and much more.

I was so impressed by the profound changes I personally experienced, and those I witnessed in other people, that I decided to go for further training in these approaches. I was certified by Byron Katie as a facilitator of “The Work” in 2011 and by Scott Kiloby as a facilitator of Living Inquiries in 2013.

In my life today, I still face challenges, of course. But nothing—whether it’s a traumatic memory or a compulsion, a weight problem or a relationship conflict, stress at work or in family life, a fear or anxiety regarding death, or about some future possibility—none of these issues can shift me from a full sense of inner peace and freedom, and deep knowledge of who I really am.

The moral of my story: If your mind is open to it, “The Work” and the Living Inquiries will open your heart, and bring you to a greater sense of freedom, peace, and wholeness than you ever thought possible. And there is no way back after that.

Are you ready?

If yes—then I am here to support you and walk with you to any deep hole or dark place you may encounter. We can go there together.

The important thing is to start … NOW.

Contact me to book a session, or to ask me any questions you may have.